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Project Description
Library extending the .NET TimeSpan structure to be comparable, serializable, and convertible, and to support localized string formatting and parsing.

There are three public classes of note:

TimeSpan2 is a wrapper around the existing TimeSpan structure that adds serialization, comparability, and convertibility. It can be used anywhere a TimeSpan is used.

TimeSpanFormatInfo is an IFormatProvider for TimeSpan instances and provides a richer set of output formats. It works similarly to DateTimeFormatInfo. If you use the TimeSpan2 structure, you can access the parsing and output functionality directly from the structure's Parse and ToString methods. A list of format strings can be found here and in the inline documentation for TimeSpanFormatInfo.

TimeSpanPicker is a editable ComboBox that exposes a localized list of TimeSpan instances and allows for text entry.

This project has partial translations for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and German. If anyone would like to provide translations for other languages, or better ones for those in the project, please post them in the Discussions area. A description of the translations needed for each localization are here.

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