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How can I use the TimeSpan2FormatInfo.CurrentInfo.Format thread independent

first post: SaschaP wrote: Sorry for a possible stupid question, but I have started writng sim...

New home for TimeSpan2?

first post: SaschaP wrote: Hi David, Do you have already a plan for a new home for TimeSpan2?...

Dutch translation?

first post: wlear wrote: Has anybody created a Dutch resource file for the library? Bill

latest post: dahall wrote: I have posted the Dutch translations in the "Issues" area. See the ...

V2.1.4 Source?

first post: wlear wrote: I noticed your NuGet package is at Version 2.1.4. Any chance you ca...

latest post: dahall wrote: Thanks for the reminder. It is now updated.

Catalan translation

first post: Fitoschido wrote: Hi! I've made a Catalan translation based on the Spanish one. I do...

latest post: dahall wrote: Gràcies. I will include it in the next release.

Pluralization issue in german resource

first post: Daniel79WI wrote: Hello David, i am using your library for displaying localized tim...

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